Intel Security Researcher in Santa Clara, California

Job Description

Perform malware analysis through reverse engineering and guarantee reliable analysis reports, signature suggestions, blog write-ups, threat forecasts, and marketing whitepapers. Track exploit kits and their C&C behavior. Research and develop reliable analysis reports and signature suggestions for activity of specific known exploit kit and bot Command and Control traffic. Research and develop behavioral heuristics for generic detection of unknown and/or zero-day bots, including spam bots, IRC bots, DoS bots, and fake-ssl bots, ransomware. Analyze advanced malware bot samples through a combination of static and dynamic reverse-engineering approaches. Decode Command and Control communication protocols. Research on the next generation malware detection engine. Present innovations and research intelligence at conferences. Customer-focused security research initiatives. Manage security incidents and escalation events.


Qualification/Education: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical field. Three years of progressive, post-baccalaureate experience in the job offered or a computer-related occupation. IDA or equivalent disassembly tools, Cuckoo sandbox and automation. Malicious code analysis and reverse engineering. Operating systems experience including Windows platforms in both user and kernel modes. Static and dynamic reverse engineering of malware bots, such as Stuxnet, Conficker, Aurora, or Storm Network protocols and protocol analyzers, such as .HTTP, P2P, IM, IRC, or SSL. Malware analysis and reverse engineering tools such as wireshark, tcpdump, ollydbg, windbg or Ida Pro. Databases including MySQL. Programming using scripting languages such as Perl, Python, or Bash.

Inside this Business Group

The Intel Security Group combines employees from McAfee and Intel – people with security expertise in hardware, software, and solutions into one business unit focused on building hardware, software, services and end-to-end security solutions. Intel Security Group sets the stage for new levels of collaboration and innovation and will drive leadership in the industry by providing ubiquitous security and identity protection for people and businesses worldwide.

Posting Statement. Intel prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation or any other legally protected status.