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Technicians Overview
Manufacturing technicians and specialists are at the heart of Intel's mission to build the world's best processors. They work at our high-tech fabrication facilities worldwide, using the most advanced manufacturing processes and tools. If you enjoy working with the latest technology in a rewarding, fast-paced environment, a career in manufacturing at Intel may be for you.

What You'll Do
Intel's state-of-the-art processes and products give you the opportunity to learn a variety of technical and manufacturing skills, from operations to equipment repair and troubleshooting, in a demanding and challenging production environment.

Our manufacturing technicians and specialists operate, maintain and repair specialized processing equipment in a clean room environment to keep output high without compromising safety or quality.

Intel lab technicians collect and validate data, support engineering functions, and perform debugs and preventative maintenance.

Our facilities technicians do everything—from managing mechanical systems and electrical distribution to monitoring water purity and waste management—to keep Intel's manufacturing facilities operating to our high standards.

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Manufacturing Technician Jobs in Arizona