Intel Signal Integrity Engineer - EMI in Santa Clara, California

Job Description

The engineer will work in a fast paced environment with a team of electrical, mechanical and layout engineers and will be influencing the PCB design ensuring high speed Signal Integrity, power integrity, and EMI for the next generation optical transceiver products. Your prime responsibility includes but not limited to: Signal Integrity, power integrity and EMI simulation and characterization/qualification of PCB/IC packages. The engineer will also be responsible for EMI characterization of the optical transceiver using in-house or outside EMI facility.

The job function includes:

  • Defining PCB material and stack-up

  • Define high speed routing rule for layout engineer

  • Verify signal integrity, power integrity and electromagnetic interference performance using HFSS, EMPro and CST Tools

  • Characterize high speed PCB/IC packages using VNA and probe station

  • Debug high speed performance issues using simulation and measurements

  • Perform IR drop analysis, power/ground plane impedance analysis and optimize placement of decoupling caps.

  • Design optical transceiver module PCB, evaluation board, and compliance boards

  • Influence board layout to minimize EMI radiations

  • You will be required to perform EMI measurements using a 3 meter Anechoic chamber

  • Debug EMI issues, optimize absorber placement and recommend mechanical design changes

  • Assist EMI testing at compliance labs

  • Explore new interconnect technologies


Minimum Qualifications

  • MS or Ph. D. in Electrical/ Microwave Engineering and 3+ year of work experience

  • Have good understanding of frequency/time domain electromagnetic simulator, its limitations and applications

  • Experience with EDA tools for circuit analysis, signal integrity and power integrity

  • Experience verifying signal integrity, power integrity and electromagnetic interference performance using HFSS, EMPro and CST Tools

Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge of EMI standards (FCC and others) and experienced in EMI measurements highly preferred

  • Experience with probe station for two side board and package probing

  • Excellent analytical, design, debug and communication skills

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